Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Deal with Social Security Overpayment

One of the worst nightmares that occur when you can welfare recipients, is an overpayment notice. Now you would think, as everyone their overpayment can result from social workers. In most cases it works. A man, while receiving disability checks would work part time to supplement his income. He reported it to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that he work part time so that adjustments to the amount he received for the disabilityBenefits would be adjusted (or disability checks stop coming products) are. For some reason, has come the disability checks, although there is no confirmation from the local social security office, that they cease to give disability benefits. After a while you get a notification from the post office informed him that due to X thousands of dollars in SSA.

Given the circumstances, the receiver was industrious enough to inform SSA that he income from other sources,SSA should send canceled checks from this point it has. So clearly it is not his fault that SSA is still what it benefits. So what should one do when he takes an overpayment claim?

Normally, if the SSA determines that an overpayment has been made, they will demand compensation, even in cases where the error is their own. However, you can file a "request for waiver of the overpayment" (Form SSA-632-BK). The form can explain why the overpayment is not the fault of the receiver andTherefore, it would be repaid either unfair or undue hardship to the applicant instead.

You can request the waiver form from your local social security office, then fill out and return to SSA. You will receive a response from the SSA regarding your request (usually by mail). However, if the waiver request is denied, appeal waiver situation, the process can be granted by the consideration. You may need to bring the complaint before the administrative court judges - thesame judge who decides on the Social Security and SSI disability claims.

If justified by the appeal process, the administrative law judge as the overpayment notice, you can make a payment arrangement. SSA generally accepted procedures for reimbursement, include the fairly low monthly payments (refunds are usually about ten or twenty U.S. dollars per completed month).

Of course, appealing for waiver of overpayments is usually complicated and time-consuming and can be veryfrustrating when you are to report at the end. Way for you to win the best of your overpayment overpayment get SSI Social Security Disability lawyer who is all in terms of appealing before the ALJ and prove not be held liable.

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